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The talented and beautiful Siona Sammartino and I met at an event this fall and knew we wanted to work together right away. It is always a deep honor to work with people who have the big vision to influence millions over a lifetime. Her work is exceptional in the field of nutrition (I have been a very happy client!) and to help her launch a full website so that she can fulfill that mission was a pure energy filled pleasure.
Her equally talented husband, Abdiel Sammartino is the company’s creative director and designed the website. Its rich colors reflect Siona’s vibrant and engaging nature. We helped with the technical execution of the vision and wish team Sammartino a bright future where Siona will bring “Nutrition.Health.Purpose.” to many.

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Before working with you, I was completely overwhelmed with anything “techie” and as a result kept resisting putting myself online and getting my website out into the world.  I had dabbled with creating my own site, but found myself completely frustrated in the process with little to show for my efforts. I was stuck in eternal “coming soon” page mode. My tenacious, purpose-driven nature wouldn’t give up, but I was spinning my wheels and getting no where fast. For me, the most challenging part of this experience was that I couldn’t sleep at night because I knew that I wasn’t achieving my goal of inspiring millions worldwide to lead fuller, brighter & healthier lives. Since working with you, not only were you able to build the exact custom design my husband (the Creative Director of created, but you helped me finally share my gifts with the world in a bigger way, allowing my mission & vision to transpire. I wouldn’t have been able to do that in the same way if we hadn’t crossed paths. I’m so grateful for your warm, upbeat and encouraging nature and couldn’t have done this without you, Franziska! I am forever grateful.
Siona Sammartino, MS, RDN, Integrative & Functional Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

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