French and French Interiors

French & French Interiors’ star is rising! Watch this space as they will take the interior design world by storm, not only locally but also nationally. Their vision for an easy family friendly style wins you over in seconds. And then they are wonderful people to work with!
Their press coverage is already impressive and they have just been nominated for HGTV’s Fresh Faces of Design. Santa Fe, get ready for the awesome influence that Heather & Matt will have upon our community. It was an honor to build your website and continues to be to help spread your vision and the beauty you create.

We were amazed by Franziska’s creativity and ability to hear what we were saying and interpret it in a way we would not have thought of but loved!!! It was such a pleasure working with FZK. She took our image and made it strong, relatable, artistic and beautiful! As a result potential clients and colleagues are viewing us in a different and better light!
– Heather & Matt French, French & French Interiors

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