When You Get to the F**K IT Place in Your Business!

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When You Get to the F**K IT Place in Your Business!

In my late twenties I got to a point in my dating life where I was DONE. It felt like nothing was working out in my relationships. I’d fallen hard a few times, and one day I reached a point where I was DONE.

DONE playing the game.
DONE being someone I wasn’t.

I decided that I was no longer going to change for anyone or try to make things work that weren’t a fit. I would simply enjoy being me and everyone else would have to take it or leave it!

About 6 weeks after I made that decision I met the man who would become my husband. That was 15 years ago.

FZK Franziska family

This week, I reached the same point in my business. Maybe you can relate.

I was contemplating a recent fail in my business, and that same feeling I got when I decided not to change for any guys in my life, spread all over my body.

I was DONE.
DONE changing ME for my clients.
DONE changing my team to fit someone else’s expectation of what a top performing team should look like.
DONE chasing after the next sure-fire marketing technique to grow my business that feels all wrong to me.

I concluded that I have to do things the FZK way. I trust my instincts and professional experience. And I trust that by being authentically ME will attract the right clients for my business.

Anyone with me???

What have you experienced in life and in business when you’ve dared to be your authentic self?

Share your stories below or in an email. I’d love to hear from you.

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