Todd Herman FZK Franziska 90 Day Year review

Are you a busy Parentpreneur with big ambitions?

You’re determined to make it happen and yet the days run away from you again and again.

You know you have what it takes but are struggling to go it alone…

Then this is the 90 Day Year Bonus For You!

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Would you like your child to say this…
about *YOU*?

One day, after working with the techniques I had learned from business coach Todd Herman for about 6 months, I interrupted my son in his play and asked him a few questions about how he felt his life had changed since I started working more productively. I had no idea what he was going to say…
What he did say, melted my heart!

My Story….

I’m the first to say that I was the least likely candidate to have great wins from any online program! First of all I never believed that some online course from a removed coach could have real life impact on my bank account but after I had seen immediate results from watching and applying Todd Herman’s free video training I was hooked….
and I kept asking myself:

“If I can achieve results from the free training, what might I achieve with the real course?”
I could tell that Todd is the real deal and how else was I going to get access to a brilliant mind like that?

I jumped!

Take Me There Now!


My Biggest Wins To Date

  • After Todd said to me “don’t isolate yourself” in our very first conversation I began to build a local team. It has by far been the best decision I have made and we are now a fun crew of 4 part time members. Productivity has trebled, not just because of the increase in work load we can take on with more people but also because we hold each other accountable.
  • Yes, it has all paid off financially, as well. My “Return on Investment” in the 90 Day Year was 8x within the first 4 months. I stopped keeping track after that… I call it the gift that keeps on giving because the relationships I have built within that tribe of ambitious entrepreneurs, including with Todd, keep growing and paying off in various ways.
  • I have found my zest for life again because I finally have a productive outlet for my creativity that is bringing in tangible results and helping my little family stay afloat. Plus, those close to me keep telling me how much more my confidence has grown.

Here Todd Interviews me About my Wins in April 2015

What’s Inside the 90 Day Year?

    Actionable tools that help you:

  • prioritize the right activities in your day that will take your business to the next level
  • plan your next steps strategically plus how to set yourself up for success by following through on your own action plan. (If you ever wondered “HOW?” when people say “create the life you want to live as an entrepreneur” then this is the toolkit that will get you there!)
  • accountability that will keep you on track and get you back on board if you “fall off”
  • a tribe & network of like-minded entrepreneurs with the opportunity to make life-changing connections

What I Love About Working with Todd

Todd makes himself personally available to those who take the 90 Day Year course. There are live support calls with him throughout and having his mind on your unique issue is worth more than most of us can afford! I have learned so much from listening to him coach others and how he tackles issues that will undoubtedly arise. It’s all about the mindset – and Todd gives it to us!

Why 90 Day Year Worked for me

I was ready! My frustration about not getting anywhere when I knew I had talent was at an all time high. I went all out, I applied every technique Todd taught, I participated fully in the group, I built new relationships, and it didn’t go unnoticed. Since last November I am an Ambassador coach inside the private 90 Day Year Facebook group and am having the best time supporting others getting the most out of the program.

Why I Support the 90 Day Year

If you know me at all, you know I rarely promote people and programs. Integrity and honesty are everything to me – I only recommend products and services that I personally use for my own business with proven results.

Join the 90DY



I love that Franziska is a real entrepreneur and as she said is traveling on this journey just with the rest, while sharing her own, and listening well!
It is not just because she is a colleague and a friend, or because I have been working with her in many different ways, it is because she is real, she shares her passion, her recipes and lessons learned in an authentic way, and at the end authenticity is the main ingredient of an entrepreneur.
I learned that the more you practice the better you get! I am ready to keep fine tuning this process.

– Solange Serquis, Landscape Architect & Mum of 3

Franziska is very sincere and passionate about helping others with the 90DY.
In meetings, Franziska has great respect for the limited time and has consistently done a great job managing the group so that each participant has had an opportunity to share their successes and opportunities for growth.

– Summer 2015 Alumni

Franziska is attentive, kind, intelligent and understands the struggles of business people. She’s been through lots of transitions ups and downs so she can relate to any struggles with the process. She is non judgmental and I loved the group she gathered around her. I could ask her opinion about stuff I was struggling with and she understood it and offered great feedback.

– Vered Rosen, Interior Designer & Mum of 3


I know how powerful it is to have someone to talk to who’s been there.

That’s why I’m offering a very special bonus to support you throughout your 90 Day Year – perfect for fellow parentpreneurs, overwhelmed by the many demands placed on them daily, and any business owners ready to focus on growing their businesses to the next level. I am a proud affiliate, alumni since the 90DY beta round in December 2014 and Ambassador Coach in the private Facebook group. If you decide to invest in the program, I will earn a commission. This commission allows me to work with you one-on-one at no additional cost to you.


  • A one-hour one-on-one strategy session in the first two weeks of the 90-Day Year.
    This will get you set up right for a focused 90 day sprint that will truly move the needle in your business.
  • My 90 Day Year Toolkit.
    A PDF download where I share the tools I use to get the most out of the 90 Day Year concepts.

  • Bi-weekly mastermind calls in a small group (3-5 people) for the duration of the 90-Day Year.
    This will give you accountability and we will help each other trouble shoot any issues that come up. Plus life happens and should you get off track, this ensures that it won’t be long before you are back to focusing on what’s important.

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  • Step 1: Registration must be made through my affiliate link during 90DY enrollment from June 16th – 23rd, 2016.
  • Step 2: After you purchase the program, contact me to let me know you used my link and we’ll get you setup.
  • *Please note: I am a proud affiliate and graduate of the 90DY Program. If you decide to invest in the program, I will earn a commission. All bonuses must be claimed after the 30 day trial period of 90DY and before September 1st, 2016.